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"Our family sought the help of Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services at the point my older son was totally out of control. He was in trouble with the law, using substances, not doing well in school, and not taking responsibility for his behavior no matter what the consequences. I was a single parent with sole responsibility for two sons two years apart. I needed big help before I lost my son and he lost his life.

"Larry's motto of 'raising the bottom' was a calming mantra for me. Larry has the ability to identify the 'elephant in the middle of the room' and call it a name with all the family members together. At this point he facilitates in making next steps.

"Time with Larry and Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services was particularly important for my son's younger brother. The younger boy was able to learn to identify and articulate the feelings that came up around his brother's scary behavior.

"Today, my son is just finishing his second year of community college, and he is very motivated to have a good and contributing life. He can now reflect that his actions were attempts to get his absent father's attention. Landing in jail for 30 days allowed him to come face to face with this knowledge. He realized the actions were damaging himself and not his father. He can take responsibility for his actions, and at the same time look at the underlying motivation. And, the family unit is healthy. He has a good relationship once again with his younger brother."

Warm regards,
C.B., Mother

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